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Haven - Duke and Nathan’s bad day

This week's episode of Haven is more about Duke, Nathan and the rest of the guys than Mara. Duke has to deal with the Trouble he's causing while finding out what happened to Jennifer. Nathan has to deal with his blandness while chasing down Mara. Spoilers ahead.

When they meet on the beach, Duke goes on about his search for Jennifer not realizing Nathan is duller than usual because he's been shot. The bullet conveniently missed anything vital so Nathan is back on his feet being creepy-obsessive about Audrey again in no time.


It turns out Duke's Trouble is caused by bad news and denial. So things look bad for Nathan when he breaks the news to Duke that Jennifer's dead body has been found. But once Duke accepts the truth the Trouble goes away.

Dwight is understandably pissed about Mara being the cause of the Troubles. He takes over the Guard since Vince is too distracted about his brother to do the job. He is ready to do what it takes to get Mara to end the Troubles. Nathan is not so hot on that plan.


Meanwhile Mara has been busy. She finds an outfit to kill for then tricks Vicky into helping her. Mara likes Vicky ("you shall be spared my wrath") so she gets tasered instead of killed. Mara needs an aether ball to give someone a strong enough Trouble to open a portal to William so she agrees to meet Nathan to get one. It's a trap of course. Mara hides half a ball before Nathan captures her.


After Nathan's magic kiss brings Audrey to the surface briefly, he decides he can't turn Mara over to the Guard. Instead he has to try to save Audrey. I suspect that will not go as planned.

  • Once again, a major supporting female character comes to a bad end. Does this mean we're going back to the silly love triangle? Or is Duke now out for revenge against Mara?
  • The medical examiner and maybe her intern seem to be immune to the female character curse for now.
  • Will Laura Mennell's appearance on the show break the curse?

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