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Haven finally does the body switch episode

It's a genre classic used in shows and movies like the original Star Trek, Freaky Friday, Warehouse 13 and Stargate Universe (don't get me started on those stones). People swap bodies and either hilarity or drama ensues. In part one of "The Old Switcheroo" we get both. Spoilers ahead.

This week's recap will be short since I've been feeling like warmed over death today and I want to see how the various plots play out first.


The secret ingredient of the current Trouble is keeping a secret so someone in each swapped pair is hiding something.

Vince went to a town in North Carolina (which somehow looks a lot like Haven) to find out about Dave's past before his adoption. After the switch (and taking way too long to remember they have cell phones) Dave realizes what Vince was up to and joins him in North Carolina. The Teagues brothers are still pretty interchangeable even after four seasons and one of them being from another dimension so it's still bickering and an occasional gag about Vince's height.


Dwight and Gloria swap bodies to provide most of the "hilarity ensues" result. Jayne Eastwood is convincing playing Dwight in Gloria's body but Adam Copeland isn't quite as good on his end. We'll have to wait until next week to see what's so important about Cincinnati.


Nathan takes Mara when he checks out the body swapping Trouble. Since Audrey loved working Troubles, he figures that will draw her out. While Audrey does come out briefly Mara is still in control. Nathan and Duke switch while Duke is alone with Audrey. Or is it Mara pretending to be Audrey? Lucas Bryant and Eric Balfour have a good feel for each other's character and I can buy into the switch.

I'm not too thrilled about Haven's new time slot. It's hard to believe someone decided that a butchered-for-basic-cable version of Spartacus was a better choice for the Thursday slot.

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