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Haven Finally Gives Us A Moment We Were Waiting For

Even before the mid season finale* of Haven last year the appearance of a certain guest star was teased. It was pretty obvious what character was going to be played by the guest star though the show was coy before the reveal at the end of this week’s episode. Spoilers ahead.


Since much of Charlotte’s time in her last few episodes was spent dropping exposition bombs about Croatoan and her husband (though not explicitly connecting the two) as well as about how to permanently cure the Troubles it was no real surprise when William Shatner finally shows up at the end of this week’s episode as the villainous Croatoan, who is also Mara’s father (and presumably Charlotte’s husband).

Here’s the quick and dirty recap of “Blind Spot” that gets us to that reveal.

After Dave Teagues’ dying warning that Croatoan was coming for Audrey, Nathan plans to fortify the police station to keep Audrey safe there. But there’s already a killer loose inside the station and for an added twist police dispatcher Laverne’s Trouble flares up and she merges with the station. (It’s the same family Trouble from that episode in Season 3). It turns out Duke is doing Croatoan’s dirty work in the police station. He manages to sabotage the aether core so Agent Howard (yes, he’s back too) can’t create a new barn to cure the Troubles. Duke also grabs Audrey and whisks her away. He has apparently embraced his destiny as a Trouble killer and has a new boss - Croatoan.

Assorted thoughts:

There are only three episodes left in the series and a lot to do if the Troubles are going to be cured. Dave Teagues already died and I don’t expect him to be the last one. Audrey and Nathan will probably get their happy ending but I figure everyone else is fair game.


After Laverne merges with the police station most of the episode is seen from her point of view through security cameras, laptop webcams and phone cams. It’s a bottle episode so the gimmick works (though I have to ask why none of the camera views were in color).


This image is from that Season 3 episode mentioned earlier. I had forgotten about Dr. Claire and that cheerleading costume.


*Tangential rant: If the break is this long why not just call it another season instead?

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