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Haven - How do you solve a problem like Mara?

So Season 5.0* of Haven kicked off right where Season 4 ended. The town of Haven is still in deep kimchi (mmm, kimchi) with Troubles. A couple of characters are missing but there's someone new in town as well. Spoilers ahead.

After the dimensional door closed at the end of last season apparently everyone under the lighthouse was transported away to scattered spots around Haven. And the lighthouse was destroyed...again. As someone says, "That lighthouse just can't catch a break."


After heads are counted Jennifer is missing. Is she another victim of being a woman on the show not named Audrey Parker (though having the name didn't help much either)?

Speaking of Audrey Parker, her body is there but Audrey's not home. Instead Mara, the original personality, is in control. Audrey was getting dull so I like seeing other personalities like Lexie and Mara, who is gleefully evil like Once Upon A Time's Evil Queen without the wonderful outfits. Too bad Nathan is right and Audrey is fighting back against Mara.

In the meantime Mara is trying to free William. There are weak points around Haven that can used to reach William but someone has been strengthening them enough to stop her. Apparently Jennifer isn't strong enough to do that so there is someone else involved (my guess would be Dave). It's looking like there's no good reason for Jennifer to still be alive.

The Troubles Duke has bottled up in him are starting to leak out just like William warned. Mara may be able to fix him but why would she?


Did anyone remember the Medical Examiner's intern? I sure didn't. I had to look her up to find out she's been around for a while.


*Season 5 is twice as long at 26 episodes but of course Syfy is doing a split season with the first half now and the rest of the season next year.

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