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Haven – It’s a Wonderful Freaking Life, Audrey Parker

My assorted thoughts on last night’s episode of Haven. Spoilers ahead.


Audrey is slowly reverting back to her old look since everyone knows she’s really Audrey now. She’s ditched the rings on the fingers but is still wearing the nose ring at the beginning of the episode. After the Trouble kicks in, though, it’s gone, probably for good. Yes, I notice stuff like that.

  • What happened between the end of the last episode with all the glowing and the start of this one? Is it a clue that what's going is William messing around in Audrey's head?
  • Colin Ferguson makes a good villain. The mannerisms that people liked in Sheriff Carter work just as well with a sinister edge behind them.

I don’t expect Eric Balfour to cut his hair for one episode when he’s playing a cop and playing the bad boy is his forte, but can’t they clean up Duke a little bit. Even when he played an assistant district attorney he was scruffy.

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