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Haven - The Beginning Of The End

The last thirteen episodes of Haven pick up where the first half of the season left off with the town about to be plunged into deep kimchi (here’s a refresher if you need it). And yes, a lighthouse gets it. Spoilers for the double header premiere ahead.


The first episode “New World Order” is mainly setting up the board and pieces for what’s to come.

Thanks to the Troublebomb Mara set in Duke a new wave of Troubles strikes the town. Since the actual lighthouse probably hasn’t been rebuilt from the last time it was destroyed we get one made of sand wiped out instead as someone’s new quake Trouble is triggered. There is also now a fog surrounding Haven, sort of like an open topped dome, keeping everyone in town (with one exception). So a vicious cycle is going with emerging Troubles causing fear which cause more Troubles to emerge and no one can escape the town.

Charlotte tries to convince Audrey to return with her through a thinnie back to their home. (That’s the purpose of those matching rings.) Audrey says Haven is her home and refuses to leave. Charlotte also drops an infobomb about the barn. It would have ended the Troubles by killing every Troubled person. So Audrey doubts Charlotte’s commitment to curing the Troubles. Unfortunately for Charlotte the thinnies won’t open so she’s trapped in Haven along with (almost) everyone else.

Following up on a vision the Teagues brothers find the Troubled man responsible for the fog but he’s dead. It looks like he was murdered to keep everyone trapped inside.


The Haven Police Department is woefully inadequate to the task of dealing with the situation so Dwight dissolves the PD and puts the Guard in charge (because apparently there’s no mayor or city council for him to go through).

Duke is immune to the new Troubles. He finally does what he’s been saying he would do and leaves Haven (he’s the only one who can travel through the fog).


The next episode “Power” takes place after Haven has been cut off for a couple of weeks. There’s a new Trouble that kills in the dark that is particularly dangerous since the town’s power plant is faltering and causing blackouts. The remaining residents have mostly consolidated in one of the schools.


Nathan leads a team through Trouble Alley to repair the power plant. The engineer who knew what to do is killed enroute (of course) so it’s up to Nathan, Charlotte, Dave Teagues and Electrical Trouble Woman Kira to get the plant back to full operation.

Dwight is running things but hasn’t gone full Governor yet. He banishes someone for stealing flashlight batteries but it’s not the death sentence people assume it is. Instead the banished are being kept in a sleep state by a Troubled person. Audrey isn’t pleased by this and wants to tell the townspeople what’s going on.


Duke is keeping a low profile in Halifax (I’m assuming the one in Nova Scotia) but decides to help the daughter of an old business associate (never bet on the Bills). He tries to access his Haven bank account but Haven, Maine has been erased from the world (much like in the Storybrooke curse). It also turns out the daughter has a Trouble. Just when he thought he was out, Duke is being pulled back in.

Charlotte is using the power plant mission to find aether for a Trouble cure. Fortunately William’s stash of aether is still around somewhere. Nathan and Kira look for the aether but only Nathan makes it back to the school. He announces that Kira is dead and is blamed for her death.


Assorted thoughts:

  • Dave is half human and half whatever Charlotte is (she doesn’t actually say what she is).
  • The person behind the darkness Trouble is still unknown and at large.
  • The same person(?) who killed the Colorado Kid is still around killing people in Haven.

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