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Head Transplants?

So this morning as I was driving into work I heard an interview with a Doctor who wants to perform the first transplant of a human head onto another body. Appaarently the procedure was done with a money, who died after 9 days when its body rejected the head. Apparently the monkey was also in pain the whole time after the transplant.

I didn’t get to listen to the entire piece, but listening to this raised all sorts of questions for me. First off, how often do people die under corcumstances where something happened to their head but left their body perfectly entact? I would think the the pool of bodies for this type of transplant would be miniscule.

Secondly, there is the ethics of taking a donated body full of good organs and using it to save a single person, when those organs could be divied up between multiple patients who need a single organ each.


It seems to me that until we have ability to grow bodies in the lab to transplant heads onto, this seems highly problematic.

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