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Heads up to fellow Mass Effect fans

The awesome Garrus and Tali costume hoodies are pretty deeply discounted at the Bioware store today. I've been eyeing one of these for a while, and haven't seen them go on sale often, so I jumped on it.

Garrus Costume Hoodie MK-II ($30, regularly $68)

Garrus Costume Sherpa Hoodie ($40 regularly $75)

Tali Costume Hoodie MK-II ($30, regularly $68)

Tali Costume Sherpa Hoodie ($40 regularly $68)


The cheaper ones (honestly not sure what the difference is, clothes are not my thing) seem to be almost completely sold out, but last I checked they have all sizes on the "sherpa" ones.

Orders over $35 have free shipping (in the US), and will supposedly arrive by Christmas Eve. I'm pretty pumped, thought I'd share.

Edit: Pessimippopotimus mentioned that the Wrex one is also $30.

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