Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Hear the new Voice of the Ice Warriors!

They may not be assss ssssssssibilant assssss they once were, but Sssssskaldak ssssstill hasssssss a hissssssss... (I promise not to do that again).


I'm actually quite pleasssssssssed (okay, I lied, but honestly this time, I'll stop!) with the voice Nick Briggs has come up with for Grand Marshal Skaldak - its a compromise between something new, that emphasises the tough burliness of the new Ice Warriors, and a harkening back to the old,with those unnerving hisses.

Here's another clip, even shorter, of Liam Cunningham's Commie Davos Seaworth Captain Zhukov prepping the Firebird for a nuclear launch - looks like the Cold War is about to get a bit hotter...

In other news, the BBC's youtube channel continues to occasionally forget that qualities above 480p exist these days - this episode looks so gorgeous, it's a damn shame these clips aren't available in HD!

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