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Heard on Coast to Coast AM last night

I sometimes turn on the clock radio and listen to Coast to Coast AM to help me fall asleep. Last night the main guest was Richard C. Hoagland explaining a NASA secret on the Moon. The story involves the Chinese and how Brian De Palma hid Easter eggs about it in his movie Mission to Mars.

Warning: have a tin foil hat within arm's reach. (not aluminum foil, dammit. It must be tin.)


According to Hoagland, Brian De Palma hid references to a specific location on the Moon in Mission to Mars. A few months ago the Chinese landed their Jade Rabbit rover at that location (Which was a last minute change to the original landing site. Don't you see what that means? The Chinese knew!).

The image on the left is an official image released by the Chinese government. As you can see on the right, after the image is equalized the glass structures of an ancient extinct alien civilization are clearly visible.

You can go further down this rabbit hole here but I advise you add another layer of foil to your hat and cover your windows with a layer of foil as well before clicking the link.

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