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There is a double dose of Doctor Who next Saturday. In the hour before Peter Capaldi answers a papal plea for help, Colin Baker will be bouncing brash and boisterous back on to Radio 4 Extra in a Big Finish audio adventure.

Herne the Hunter from Robin of Sherwood.

The multi-coloured coated Time Lord will feature in a two part story, Leviathan, one of the unmade tales from the season that never was. Actually, it might not have got that far? Curiously back when Doctor Who was originally cancelled, Michael Grade told a newspaper that he wished the show could have the same production values as Goldcrest’s Robin of Sherwood which was riding high at the time. Richard Carpenter’s reworking of the legendary archer had mixed in a dollop of pagan lore with Herne the Hunter becoming a mentor and spiritual figurehead for the Merry Men. Whether by accident or design, the unmade Leviathan has The Doctor encountering that mythical figure.

Big Finish describe the revived story thus:

 No one lives to old age in the village. When their Time is come, they are taken and never seen again. That is The Way. And, should anyone try to break with the established order of things, then the fury of Herne the Hunter is unleashed...

When the TARDIS materializes near a castle in this mediaeval society, the Doctor and Peri befriend Gurth, a terrified youth who is attempting to flee his fate. And Herne is closing in...

Why does the local baron impose the culling? What is the secret of Zeron? And who are the Sentinels of the New Dawn? The answers lie within a cave...

Leviathan was written by Brian & Paul Finch and stars Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant. It will be on BBC Radio 4 Extra next Saturday at 18:00 and will be available online soon after.


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