Superdwarf stars found with lead-rich clouds and smaller zirconium- and yttrium-rich layers, as expected.

Royal Astronomical Society announcement

Paper on the observed new star transition

Really the heavy metal song should write itself.


Ripped from the heart of a giant red star

Hot strange subdwarf seen from afar

Corona stolen by gravity's bully

Now their helium can fuse fully


Fraunhofer lines you blow my mind

Every element one of a kind

Spectra fly three hundred parsecs

'Til they are trapped by human techs


Lead nebulae floating on stellar glare

Heavy metal sundogs running everywhere

Zircon's metal and Ytterby's pride

Heavy mass but still they glide


Seven times hotter than our sun

Evolving stars are so much fun

The more we look, the more we discover

Just look up at night, become a star-lover.


But, until then.