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Heidi MacDonald Nails It; Also Why DC Movies Are No Fun

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Over at The Beat, veteran comics reporter/reviewer Heidi MacDonald documents the timeline of the Mazin/Goyer/"Slut-Hulk" debacle, and weighs in with her own explanation of why She-Hulk is so great, and what dumb-dumb screenwriters like Goyer and Mazin fail to understand about the character's appeal:

Weighing in on this who kerfuffle, The Beat must smh yet again at how many people in positions of authority don't seem to get the first thing about What Women Want In A Superheroine. Not every female character must be a role model. Some are just well-rounded characters who are…fun. FUN, I SAY!!!

It wasn't until I started writing this piece that I made a mental comparison of She Hulk and Power Girl. As a kid I always liked She Hulk; but Power Girl's giant tits repelled me. Why? Both are fun, sexy characters who are superstrong. Neither is shy about showing off their physiques. And yet, aside from the excellent Amanda Conner version, Power Girl is usually portrayed as the passive object of the male gaze. As fetishized as She-Hulk is, if you look at the images on this blog post, she is NEVER passive. She is active, in control, strong, powerful…someone you would like to be for kicks, even if it had its downside, just like Spider-Man, Batman, Superman and every successful superhero. She knows who she is and isn't ashamed of it.


On a related note, The Escapist's Ross Lincoln explains how David Goyer fails completely to understand what makes superheroes fun:

After first dismissing Martian Manhunter as too obscure to matter, Goyer explained how he can't see making use of the character without removing nearly everything associated with the character... It's been said before, but Goyer almost appears to be ashamed that he's even associated with comic book films. So it is that the best he can come up with, when asked about one of DC's most interesting properties, is to delete any trace of the his origin story, misunderstand core aspects of his character, and saddle him with a genericized sobriquet so hackish it almost belongs in a Matrix sequel and plot points that reflect the worst cliches of the last 20 years.

I can't argue that Martian Manhunter isn't as well known as Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman. But using obscurity as an excuse to ignore him shows a painful lack of imagination. Marvel has made billions producing movies about ancient Norse gods and talking raccoons. Meanwhile, DC's attempt to copy Marvel is being run by someone who thinks the lone survivor of an ancient Martian civilization is too nerdy for audiences to accept. Make of that what you will.

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