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Helix – Another episode, a lot more questions

This week's episode of Helix introduced new characters and new mysteries on top of the existing ones. Plenty of spoilers and the first few minutes of the next episode ahead.

Major Balleseros turns out to not be dead.He is rescued by Anana, who turns out to be the sister of the base's head of security, who was apparently abducted as a child. And there have been a lot of children going missing near the research base. Presumably there's a connection.


Julia does some serious hallucinating about her younger self in a Montana cabin. The other characters in her hallucination tell Julia it's all about her and "you have all the answers, you just don't know it." And when she wakes up Julia has the same silver eyes as Hatake.

Meanwhile Alan and Sarah put Peter in some cryogenic fluid. Is Dr. Hvit's head in a similar fluid? Will we get a Futurama style talking head in a later episode? Alan and Sarah then hook up. During the naked sexy funtime Alan fails to notice Sarah's spinal scar.


And the episode ends with helicopters marked Ilaria landing at the base.

So was the virus really created as a cure for cancer? Is Hatake the real villain or is it actually the Ilaria Corporation?


In the sneak peek of the next episode, the Chief Operating Officer of the Ilaria Corporation shows up and immediately starts throwing buzzwords and Corporate Speak around in an almost parody of a corporate hack. Until she's alone with Hatake.

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