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Helix Day 7 – Squaring the circle of a new paradigm

This week's episode of Helix "Survivor Zero" introduced Jeri Ryan as high powered corporate honcho Constance Sutton, who is a dark mistress of Corporate Speak (among other things). I'm all about the added value so there will be plenty of spoilers ahead.


Anana's reunion with her brother Daniel doesn't run as smoothly as she had hoped at first but Daniel finally listens to her. Meanwhile no one (except Constance) is particularly happy to see Balleseros.

What's with Constance and the extreme dentistry? Is she just fanatical about cleaning or does she need to file down her fangs?

Julia seems to have turned into what Hatake and apparently Constance already are. My theory is that the three of them are a form of homo superior. Constance and those she represents plan to take over things after they "thin the herd" of normal humans using the virus (once they have a cure). I don't think creating more silver-eyed people is part of The Plan which may be an additional reason Constance will want Julia dead.


Now that Julia is out of Level R I guess it's awkward love triangle time with Julia, Alan and Sarah.

Constance mentioned the helicopters would be back in a couple of days. Since each episode is a day they should be back in a couple of episodes. We'll see.

I'm still not a big fan of the show using easy listening music but at least this week's song was sort of appropriate.


And here's the first few minutes of the next episode.

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