The next episode of Helix (The first two were shown together on Friday so this is episode 3) is streaming on Syfy so I watched it. The title above is my short assessment. More involved and spoilery stuff follows.

"274" picks up just after when the second episode ended. Alan (the Rocketeer if you're not keeping track of names) finds Julia passed out on the floor of the shower. Of course she doesn't mention being attacked by Peter. It's possible that either she's repressing the attack or the virus may somehow have suppressed the memory of infection. Julia coming to grips with her probable infection reminded me of Boomer in the first season of BSG realizing she was a Cylon. Meanwhile Sarah, the young doctor, has developed a test to see if someone is infected. Julia surreptitiously tests herself and the initial result is negative.

Sarah has her own medical issue to deal with though. Her shaky hand has gotten worse to the point that Julia wonders if Sarah has been infected. Sarah tests herself in front of Julia and also has a negative test. Later in her quarters we see that Sarah has a large scar on her back, possible some kind of spinal surgery.

Doreen, the snarky vet, gets the best line of the episode: "Where the hell is my monkey?"


Someone has taken the monkey she had been examining. After some monkey business with the Major (no, that's not a euphemism for sex) she discovers something possibly important but doesn't tell anyone after the Major advises against it. That's certainly not going to come back and bite someone in the butt.

Julia, stuck in isolation with the people who came up positive on the infection test, discovers that the test results are wrong. But she can't warn anyone outside isolation after someone in an Army uniform blows up the transmitter.

Other thoughts:

  • Outside of the title screen, there's no elevator or easy listening music in the episode. Yay!
  • The Alan-Julia-Sarah stuff was completely backburnered and the Alan-Julia-Peter stuff was only referenced once.
  • Is Julia really infected? How about Sarah? Since the test is a bust, who is infected? To make another BSG comparison, it may be like wondering who is a Cylon.


Helix still has plenty of flaws but at least it's showing improvement.