Hello and welcome to WednesdayBookClub, niners. As usually, I'm your host, Geesejuggler and this is an artsy book club picture this week, brought to you Su Blackwell's Girl In The Woods. I have the feeling you guys might be seeing more of her work in the upcoming book clubs. Seriously amazing stuff.

Last week, I finished Ally Carter's All Fall Down and loved it. Her growth as a writer is great and while some of the characters in All Fall Down are similar to her past characters, they're still different. I highly recommend it for a quick afternoon read.

This week, I go back to reading....Driver's Ed. My self appointed D-Day approaches and I want to talk my permit test by the end of the month. I'm knitting something while I read it to force myself to sit down and read it. (Very dry literature, Driver's Ed.

What about you all?