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Hello new Observation Deck readers

If you don't have posting privileges here but want to contribute there's two things you can do.

First of all if you make a post on your own blog (hit the pencil icon at the top of the page) and tag it 'observationdeck' it will show up here - http://kinja.com/tag/observatio… - we're calling it the BackDeck - one of us O-Deck posters will then cross-post it to the real O-Deck.


The second thing is to ask for posting privileges. Every monday one of the mods will start a thread asking for new posters. Just leave a reply and they'll grant you the power of greyskull. The latest thread is here.

I know it's a cumbersome system, and can appear to be elitist, but it's the only way to get past the troll problems we've had in the past (hi soupy).

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