Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Plus a synopsis for The Bells of Saint John from the Radio Times' new issue. It's Who week, guys and gals... excited yet?

But first, the RT is once again graced by the now almost-traditional 'First week of Doctor Who' cover for this issue... what is it with the new Cybies and photobombing Magazine covers!?


Anyhoo, here's the synopsis:

Ever sat on a train, with a laptop, and watched all those wireless base stations appear and disappear on your screen? We live in a teeming ocean of wi-fi. The air is a soup of data, and don’t you ever worry that something else might be swimming along inside it? Well, if you haven’t worried so far, you might be about to start. Because here’s a gentle warning — sometimes you might see some strange alien symbols appear in your wi-fi menu. Don’t click on them. Just don’t click. Because that means there’s a Spoonhead really close.

The Doctor returns to contemporary London and finds himself meeting Clara Oswald for the third time — he’s been searching the universe for her, but will she even know who he is? There’s hardly time to worry about it, though, because all humanity is in terrible danger...

Oh, and if Kinja makes that top picture too small for you to use as a wallpaper, click here for the mahoosive version!

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