Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Help, I just realized I'm confused about something from TWS.

I didn't get to see The Winter Soldier until yesterday afternoon, so I'm still catching up on all the chatter and speculation. I just read through two lengthy threads/posts, and I realized I'm still confused about something. (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT)




So, I understood that Zola was still "alive" via his consciousness being contained in the computer junk in the Camp Lehigh bunker. But then a bomb or missile or whatever was dropped on the bunker, effectively destroying it. Was Zola's digital self destroyed too, or he "backed up" somewhere? I'm confused.


Speaking of Zola, I was not expecting the all of the shit in the bunker, and I got CREEPED OUT when all of those tape machines started turning on. That was freaky, yo.

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