Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks


So I bought my photo op passes for Fan Expo. I decided on... (dun dun dunnnnnnnn)

Ron Perlman, Karl Urban, and the Nathan Fillion/Gina Torres team shot.

This will be my first photo op! HOW DO THEY WORK. I say hi... and then what? Do I bring props? Signs? Inappropriate flirting? Do you think if I asked really nicely Karl Urban will run away with me so we can live in our cotton candy castle that has dragons guarding it?


Or Ron Perlman will teach me how to ride a motorcycle so we can tour Narnia before developing a drug run from those lawless islands in the East?

Or, even better, Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres will take me and raise me as their feisty new daughter with the heart of gold and an amazing knowledge of weapons?


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