Books! Graphic novels!

I'm highly impressionable and can still type reasonably. I might be drunk off of this Italian sparkling something (I suspect fruit juice. It is very sweet. But it was in the champagne section of my local lick-bo, so...)

ALso, if y'all could commiserate with me because I failed my driving test today. Again. Maybe fourth time's the charm? Please let fourth time be the charm. I have to do it before Dec 6 or I have to start from scratch and Ontario's licensing system is teh balls.

Anyway, I would like to request some things from my library and then when I get the notice that I have stuff to pick up I would like to be surprised and go "WTF did I drunk request? WHO DO I BLAME AND/OR THANK FOR THIS? MYTHBRI? 99? CRASHED?" It will be highly entertaining for all. Maybe I'll drunk-read it just to keep the theme consistent. ANd then drunk reviews! I like where this is going.