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Help me find these books, ODeck. You're my only hope. (UPDATE: Found!)

It’s my turn to call on the Observation Deck hive mind/human flesh search engine. In this case it’s to help me identify some books I read back either in the 1980s or ‘90s. One is an urban fantasy trilogy that I’m pretty sure someone around here has read. The other is a bit more obscure though.

The urban fantasy trilogy featured a girl or young woman is main character. She was a child in the first book but I’m pretty sure she was college aged by the last one. Her main trait that I remember was that she was a runner. I think the story involved forest spirits. The books were set in Seattle and if I remember correctly the city and its nickname Emerald City had some significance. I’m also pretty sure the author was from the Seattle area and wrote detailed descriptions of local places such as Pioneer Square.


The other book is a historical fantasy set in WW2 Britain, more specifically around the time of the Battle of Britain if I remember correctly. German occultists are doing something nefarious. I think it was something to aid an imminent invasion of England hence the Battle of Britain timeframe. A subplot involved the youngest brother of King George VI. I wasn’t up on the British Monarchy when I read the book so I don’t remember if the character was an adult version of Prince John (the actual last born son of George V who in our timeline died in 1919), Prince George (the youngest living brother of King George VI at the start of WW2) or totally fictitious. In any case, the final end to the German occultist threat required the spilling of royal blood on English soil in a “the King and the Land are one” sort of ritual and (Spoiler) the youngest prince sacrifices himself for England. Historically Prince George died in a plane crash very similar to how the prince in the book makes his sacrifice.

Help me, ODeck. You’re my only hope.

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