Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Help Me! I need there to be three of me!

I wanted to start watching Game of Thrones b/c man ALIVE are you people annoying! It's EVERYwhere (seriously—see the post below) and I decided that it was time to me to watch it all, from the beginning. I tried going on HBO Go, b/c right now I've got the free sample of HBO since we changed dish services. It didn't work. I decided to Netflix The West Wing instead. Loving it. I want to keep going. Then, yesterday, midday, I remembered that I'd wanted to on-demand Orphan Black, b/c though there's only 10 episodes, those people are being annoying about it, too. (The show is amazing! Tatiana Maslany is aMAAAAAZing!) But I had already started The West Wing. I don't like interrupting a show once I've started it. I watched BSG like a 61-hour movie, and it was an incredible (mind-melting) experience. Since then, when I start a show, I take minimal breaks from it. THEN! this morning, I discovered that I DO have HBO On-Demand, where I can stream all episodes of HBO shows. Including Game of Thrones. (The Wire, we have a date in July.) What's a girl to do??!? Do I interrupt my currently scheduled programming to watch the show everyone won't shut up about, that I'd intended to spend the weekend viewing? Do I take a quick break to zip through the 10-ep season of the new show everyone has decided the world needs to pay attention to? Do I stay on my current course, and just queue things up for later? Help! I'm a little over half way through season 1 of The West Wing. There's 7 seasons, so if I stay on my current course, I should be done in about 2 weeks. There is a time limit on the HBO stuff, b/c I think our free sample is up at the beginning of August. But I really hate interrupting binge-viewing b/c then I forget stuff. I'd have to start over, probably. What oh what is a girl to do??!?


ETA: *AND they have Six Feet Under on there? I'm not leaving the house till August, am I?

ETA, again: I've decided to dive in to Game of Thrones, because all this "red wedding" bullcrap will probably be less annoying when I'm in on it. I'll probably watch Orphan Black after that, b/c like Ghost in the Machine said, it's quick. Then I'll go back to The West Wing, where I will not be interrupted again until I finish. Yes, that's the plan. Unless I find access to something else.

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