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Help me Obi Wan Kenobi...

So I'm an idiot. On multiple levels. I was ordering some chocolate covered strawberries (for a friend) from Shari's Berries. I'm just browsing and I see "100 Peruvian Lilies..." and I just impulse added it to the cart. She loves lilies. I then do the double thing cause "what's $20 more?" All good, right? WRONG! Cause I ordered before I could change my mind on ordering at all (doubled the chocolate covered strawberries too) and I hit "Order Now" without quite reading my order. Cherry vase? $20! Wtf. Plain glass works for me! "Oh hey, high sales. Can't change after the 7th, sorry." Today is the 10th! Why wasn't that banner there when I was ordering?!

C'est la vie.

So to you all, help me. I can't let a lady receive such awesomeness without throwing in something that really says "George sent this, that adorable idiot". So I had a thought. "Aha! A meme will work! But which one? Doge! Sadly I am not versed in doge. (Or is it "dog"? Or "doGe"?)"


The flowers will be there Wednesday. I'd like to drop off a card before they get there with instructions to be opened when the flowers arrive. All I got is "much wow". Lol. Can someone work 200 lilies into a dog meme? No number need be included obviously. Just work in that crapload of flowers and I'll be golden.

It's that or go with a Nic Cage inspired card, ala 99TelepodProblems' glorious submission to the Pacific Rim Valentine's Day card post.

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