So I remember a game I used to play in the 90s. But I can't remember what it's called.

It was a Tetris-like game, but I think the it was something to with "gems" rather than "blocks". And when you did really well you get all sorts of bonuses that would help you clear lines off the main window. Right next to the window were two single columns in which these bonuses were stored and you could activate them with the spacebar.

It had different stages where you'd have to do different challenges and the background were pretty nature pics. This must have been in the mid to late 90s? It was aWwindows game, I think. can't remember if it was on DOS as well.

Does anyone remember this game? I can't be going crazy and remembering a game that didn't exist. Tetris-like game lists don't seem to have it, and I couldn't find it in any screenshots via google image search. Searching Abandonia didn't help either, but I think their search is kinda borked.

And why I am I suddenly nostalgic for that game?