Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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After working this illustrious 3 day weekend and then another work marathon, I have 10 days off. w00t. These 10 days will be devoted to attempting to heal my knee injury via extreme rest (instead of frequent chair sitting, crouching, walking places, and then whining). I foresee becoming extremely stir crazy and tired of reading and catching up on my DVR backlog. I thought playing an RPG might be fun. Now, I'm not a gamer. No fake girl gamer here. I have a decrepit PS2 at home and that's it for consoles with no plans to buy any. I have Okami, but I got really frustrated trying to draw the cherry bomb last time I played it. I don't want to play Portal (you'll all find my reason stupid, suffice to say I just don't).

So I need something that's either available for PC or an old game for PS2 I can find at Gamestop. Suggestions?


Edit: Good point on PC specs. I have a laptop (I know this limits options), 250 G hard drive, 3G RAM, Pentium dual-core 2GHz processor, I don't know about the graphics card but it's nothing fancy. Don't make fun of me, it was great stuff when I got it!

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