Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

At this point you may be wondering, "Does she really want me to vote on a name for an orphaned sea otter pup, or is she using this as an excuse to post pictures of an adorable orphaned sea otter pup?"

And the answer is: Both. Always Both.


But it's true that Pup 681, as she's been known up to now, needs a proper name. The Shedd Aquarium has partnered with Good Morning America to ask the public to vote on a name. Here are the choices:

  • Cali (in honor of her California origins)
  • Ellie (because many elephant seals come from around the same place she was found)
  • Luna (referencing Half Moon Bay near where she was found)
  • Poppy (California's state flower)
  • Aña or Anya (referencing Año Nuevo State Park)

Click on the Good Morning America link above and look to the right of the screen to see the poll and cast your vote.

Pup 681 is gaining weight and doing fine!


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