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Help support a CUUSOO project of cool Female minifigures doing science

Although too late to join the Batman Tumbler, LoL's Baron Nashor and neat Legoised Real World Shops in this month's CUUSOO summer review, Lego user Alatariel's project for a series of Female minifigures in conventionally 'male' pursuits such as Engineering and Science has rocketed in support over the last few days.

LEGO have done a relatively good job in recent years of integrating female characters into their lines that aren't in stereotypically feminine roles, but this minifigure set - including the likes of a female scientist, an engineer, geologist and construction worker - of different little vignettes would definitely go one step further. They're not only cool and nicely designed, but they act as little role models of showing young girls that women can be, and are, in a whole variety of awesome professional careers that are typically seen as 'male'. There's a place in LEGO's product line up for both stuff like this, and their 'girl' ranges like Lego Friends.


As of now, the project has just broken 9,000 supporters, meaning it's not far off from the coveted 10,000 it needs to be put forward for review (which will occur next quarter). If you're interested in supporting - you need to create a CUUSOO account first - the project's page can be found here.

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