Update: an interesting discovery reading through the 4chan Rape Gif thread

The troll in question had an email account linked to him which Jessica Coen was given by Gawker media. She emailed him this message which he and the other anons are delighting in. If you read through the threads the troll in question and other anons are discussing Jessica's offer, trying to find ways to manipulate it and unsurprisingly showing great cowardice in the face of the message. They fear being led into a trap where they are somehow outed and doxed. This is textbook feeding the troll but it shows how desperate they are getting over there at Jezebel when no one is listening to their complaints.

The troll has responded.

Here are anons talking about trolling Jezebel with violent porn


They are discussing this morning's article. One of the anons describes flooding Jezebel with these images, where he gets the images, and talks about posting a picture of a girl with slit wrists or bloody wrists to the site. It is abusive to allow these assholes to harass people this way. I am hoping this leads to change in the system because it does not take a rocket scientist to realize when you give the world anonymous, untraceable, accounts with full posting privileges, it is like giving Jack the Ripper a nice set of steak knives for Christmas. When burners came on line awhile back Gawker was flooded with porn, racist images, dead cats, and aborted fetuses. The tech people made one change: they took away the burner's ability to post pics. Why the fuck did they reinstate this privilege? I raged about this when it happened. And now we are here where a group of bloggers have to appeal to their bosses by publicly fucking shaming them online. Unbelievable.