Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

The Buzzfeed poll, which I believe at this point is sampling a fuck-ton of humanity, shows that nearly 3/4ths of the people polled see the image in question as white and gold. I am in the minority who see the dress as blue and black and the thing is, the dress IS blue and black. That is the objective reality of the dress outside the apparently ambiguous context of the photograph in question. What is fucking with me so much is that I cannot see the dress as anything but what it is objectively in that photograph. However, when 44% more people differ from your perception, no matter how grounded in fact it is, reality threatens to become something else. Reality becomes worrisome in the way it is dependent on perception regardless of the verisimilitude of that perception. To me this isn't just some novel meme. It shows how truly frail our perception of reality is. Without the science to settle this debate I would be most likely be forced to concede, should I want to fit in with the rest of humanity, that the image was white and gold. We are truly at the mercy of the tyranny of our sometimes completely erroneous brains.

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