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Here's a look at leaked footage and art from a cancelled Darth Maul game

A lot of Star Wars games were cancelled in the last days of Lucasarts - but not all were high stake, already revealed games like Star Wars 1313. As part of their latest issue, Game Informer have revealed art from a game being developed that would've been all about the adventures of Darth Maul.

Red Fly Studios - who had worked on the Wii port of The Force Unleashed 2 - were tapped to develop the game originally as a Nintendo exclusive in 2010, but eventually the project was expanded to cover PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 as well.

Unfortunately, the game's development was littered with issues, especially in communication between Red Fly and Lucasfilm. Although the oddly prescient game footage above shows Maul facing off against Mandalorian Deathwatch troopers, just as he would in the final season of Clone Wars, Red Fly were kept in the dark about the Sith Lord's upcoming return in the animated cartoon. Eventually George Lucas himself stepped in, requesting that the action game suddenly be changed to a 'buddy-cop' esque game that would feature Maul starring alongside the popular Expanded Universe sith character Darth Talon. Eventually Lucasarts went radio silent with the studio, leading to the canning of the project.


The Concept art seems all over the show with ideas, from redesigns for Maul to a whole host of Darths and 'Sith Betrayers', to Deathwatch, Maul's brother Savage Opress from the Clone Wars cartoon, to even 'New Empire' officers - suffice to say it looks like a project that repeatedly suffered from restart after restart to head in new directions. But still, it seems that Lucas's plans for Maul as a character were expanding into quite a multimedia event by the time his Clone Wars resurrection came about.

UPDATE: Game Informer have requested that Gawker remove their sourced images from this piece. You can still find the images over on Game Informer's website, linked below.

[Game Informer - Youtube Footage via Eurogamer]

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