Have Ronald D. Moore do Halo.

Now wait, before you all launch nukes at me over the ending of Battlestar Galactica, yes, it was a mess in the end, but the ride on the way there was entertaining and gripping as hell.
How often is it a show lives up to the greatness it builds over time in the end? So often, it seems the writers simply don't have an ending and we, the audience, get stuck with something that feels incoherent, rushed, and a letdown to what came before.

But take a look at the feel of BSG; it felt like a real military slice of life, complete with a built-in living world for the backstory, great, 3-dimensional characters that evolved over time (even if some of them evolved into angels,) and the ship itself, as much a character as any in the ensemble.

Take that greasy, dirty, sweaty feel and build a story around that for a Halo film or even a series. Hell, at this point, making a movie out of the main story would be redundant. Make a spin-off about a particular ship or squadron fighting in the war, or even after or before the war.


Am I the only one that thinks this could work and make people happy?