Especially for you guys. Don't say I never share anything nice with you all!

Fortunately, what you're seeing is not the gory plan of a Sherlock fan who's gone too far, but instead it's a preview of what happens when the guys who made these:

Get their hands on these two:

Turns out that, well - so far at least - you get something that looks a little like this:


It's a shame that in this prototype they've botched the paint job on Sherlock's eyes, because apart from that these look pretty wonderful, especially John - at least it looks a little better on the head at the top of this post. Big Chief made a set of huge promises when they started out with the Eleventh Doctor, and the final figure definitely lived up to them, despite plenty of delays. They're proving to be very, very good at capturing faces to an almost terrifyingly creepy level.

There's no release date confirmed for these guys yet (if it's anything like, practically every figure BCS have put out so far, that might be a while - kinda like the show itself!) but I imagine they'll be pricey whenever they come out - The Eleventh Doctor figure, the only one released so far, sets you back a whopping £150. But that's to be expected with 1:6 scale figures, especially ones that practically look like their real life counterparts have been hit by the Master's Tissue Compression Eliminator! When the time comes I definitely think I'll pick up a Sherlock... then if my wallet isn't screaming in horror, I could be tempted to get a Watson to go with him!

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