The fifth model created in Lego's community project system CUUSOO will go on sale as of January 1st 2014.

The Curiosity Rover set was pitched by CUUSOO user Perijove, a.k.a Lego enthusiast Stephen Pakbaz (and also a NASA Mechanical Engineer, having actually worked on parts for the Curiosity project himself at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory!) in November 2011, rapidly gaining popularity amongst the community and securing the 10,000 supporters required to have the idea considered by the Lego Group in August of 2012 - just two weeks after the real life Curiosity rover landed on Mars. The final set revealed by Lego remains very close to Pakbaz's original submitted design, too:

There's a few more pictures of Stephen unboxing and building of the model over on the Lego CUUSOO blog, along with his own thoughts on Lego's take on his design. The 295-piece Curiosity Rover set will be available from Lego's online store from New Year's Day 2014, retailing at $29.99.