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The BBC have revealed the latest in their line of 'blockbuster' posters for Doctor Who - and this time, it's for the Anniversary Special. Click through to see...


And in horizontal formatting:

Or plain, for your pleasure:


Pretty, aren't they? It's another in the series from Lee Binding, the graphic designer behind Tea-Lady Design commissioned by the BBC for Doctor Who's publicity posters since Series 7, and perhaps his best work so far.

The Doctors are looking rather solemn, except for John Hurt's Doctor-but-not-The-Doctor Doctor, who frankly looks like a bit of a badass walking through some exploding Daleks without a care in the world. He's surrounded by some interesting tidbits though - destroyed Gallifreyan architecture, one of the Doors of the TARDIS seemingly detached from its frame, and a wall with the ominous 'Bad Wolf' sprayed over it. Despite a credit, Billie Piper is nowhere in sight. Whatever could it mean...


The poster unveiling comes with along with the 'reveal' (shame it leaked about 12 hours early!) of the BBC's programming schedule for the 50th Anniversary which, alongside the 75 minute special, will include a vast array of events across BBC platforms - including a Culture Show special, a Lecture on the show's science hosted by Professor Brian Cox, and a special broadcast of the remastered edition of An Unearthly Child. Here's the full list of broadcast announcements, via BBC One and the BBC Press Office:

  • BBC2: Professor Brian Cox answers some of the scientific questions posed by Doctor Who in a special Lecture
  • BBC 2: The Culture Show Special: Me, You and Doctor Who
  • BBC 2: An Adventure in Space and Time
  • BBC 3: Doctor Who: Monsters and Villains Weekend, a countdown show listing the nations favourite monsters
  • BBC 3: Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide, a primer to the show for newcomers
  • BBC 3: An as yet unveiled commission to 'see the celebrations finish with a bang.'
  • BBC 4: Broadcast of the remastered edition of An Unearthly Child
  • CBBC: Two live Blue Peter specials, alongside a competition to get a viewer-designed gadget on the show itself
  • CBBC: 12 Again, featuring celebrities and past Who actors looking back on watching the series as they grew up
  • BBC Radio 1: A documentary looking at the growing sensation that is TROCK - Time Lord Rock!
  • BBC Radio 2: Who is The Doctor?, a 90 minute documentary looking at the appeal of the show over 50 years
  • BBC Radio 2: The Blagger's Guide to Doctor Who, another primer, this time looking at obscure facts and misconceptions about the show
  • BBC Radio 2: The Graham Norton Show will broadcast live from the Doctor Who Anniversary Celebration in London, from 10am on the 23rd of November
  • BBC Radio 4Extra: Who Made Who?, a three hour look at the world that Doctor Who was made in back in 60's Britain, and how it impacted the feel of the series itself

[BBC One on Facebook - Images via Doctor Who News]

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