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Momoiro Clover Z's youtube channel have just posted a music video for Moon Pride, the Revo-composed opening song created for Sailor Moon Crystal - and it's got a lot more action from the Sailor Senshi, as well as a look at their transformations!

The single goes on sale at the end of this month in Japan, and is pretty catchy - but what you're really here for is some sneaky glimpses at more from Usagi and friends that we've yet to see in the new anime, which aired its second episode earlier today. Well, I say in action... it's a lot of defeated-looking Sailors lying around while Usagi and Mamoru hug it out on the moon. But we do get quick glances at the transformation animations for Sailors Mars, Jupiter and Venus, as well as Sailor Moon using the Moon Stick (which in the English dub was named as the slightly less silly-sounding Crescent Moon Wand) - although perhaps to plenty of fan's chagrin, they're also CGI-enhanced like Sailor Moon's transformation is.


Not content to make the CGI look any better, there's also some completely horrifying CG footage near the end of video of the Sailor Senshi walking towards the camera, all doing the exact same walk, and it looks pretty awful:

Sheesh. At least the catchy music makes up for it!

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