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Heroes Reborn (As a good show?)

So the Heroes Reborn 2-hour premiere is tonight and I am completely torn on how to feel about it. I watched the entirety of the original Heroes disliking it more and more as time went on and when I saw that they were attempting to revive the series I was completely disinterested.

However, I ended up seeing the preview for it that played during Monday Night Raw I was intrigued, Intrigued enough to attempt to try and watch it. Now, by chance I won’t actually get to watch the show through a combination of work and too many recordings on my DVR so I won’t get to find out if I was right to be intrigued.


So my question to everyone is: Are you going to watch Heroes Reborn? Do you think it will be any good? Do you think history will just repeat itself and make the same mistakes the original show made?

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