Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Hey Deckers...

I have questions for y'all and our community events.

Like, what should we call our community events?

I'm trying to get our contests a bit more organized and on a schedule, e.g.:

  • Week 1: Colouring Contest
  • Week 2: Caption Contest (which will start as soon as I find a suitable picture)
  • Week 3: ????? (any recommendations? Photoshop contest? Best themed GIF?)
  • Week 4: Profit. (A.K.A. Movie night)

So, my questions:

  • What should our Week 3 activity be?
  • Should contests go from Monday-Monday so you have the weekend to work on your entry?
  • What should we call these events? I'm trying to make a tag so these things can be easily found and consolidated. BONUS: I'll make one of my (in)famous graphics for it!
  • Do you have any other questions? Concerns? Comments? Are you all horribly sick of my constant attempts at making you all participate in things? (Don't answer that one)

Put your thinking caps (or your drinking jug) on!

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