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Hey Everybody! Orson Scott Card Won an Award!

Though not necessarily one to be proud of... Andrew Sullivan, at The Dish, gives him

The Hewitt Award [...] for egregious attempts to label Barack Obama as un-American, alien, and treasonous. Orson Scott Card was the top vote-getter for this "experiment in fictional thinking" that "sure sounds plausible":

Where will [Obama] get his 'national police'? The NaPo will be recruited from "young out-of-work urban men" and it will be hailed as a cure for the economic malaise of the inner cities. In other words, Obama will put a thin veneer of training and military structure on urban gangs, and send them out to channel their violence against Obama's enemies. Instead of doing drive-by shootings in their own neighborhoods, these young thugs will do beatings and murders of people "trying to escape" — people who all seem to be leaders and members of groups that oppose Obama.


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