So, I’ve been following the news that time displaced original X-man is gay. Great!

Except, uhm....lets see how this plays out first, OK? Anyway, there are a bunch of Marvel characters that have been canonized as LGBT. Ok, maybe less so on the B&T front. That needs to be fixed. So why have all those characters faded into the background? Will the same thing happen with time displaced Bobby?

I loved reading Young Avengers not just to get a peek into Hulking & Wiccan’s relationship but because one of the final panels of the second run (season?) summed it up pretty well where the majority of the Young Avengers were (at the very least) not entirely heterosexual.


There is something to be said about having a large part of any group talking candidly about where they end up on the sexual orientation spectrum and/or gender identity spectrum.


I’m over the moon with the potential for of Kamala to take up a spot on ABC. But I’m not going to lie and say that seeing representation of well written female characters in comics or on the screen will ever take over my need (and desire) to watch stories like mine (as a G in the LGBT+ acronym) play out across the page and the screen. I can love more representation of underrepresented folks, but I also want to see my life experience reflected too.


Here is my caveat before offering a challenge O-Deck, I’ve written entirely about Marvel but don’t limit yourself to just that one comics publisher/maker of other media. Not even just live action film & TV, DC pretty much kills it with their feature lenght films. Not to mention critically acclaimed (and fan loved) animated shows like Avengers: EMH and Young Justice. I read DC & other none “big two” comics, but I am most familiar with Marvel which is where I draw my prespective.

So here is my challenge to my fellow O-Deckers, what dream team of LGBT characters would you love to see “own” a long running comic or be on the screen.