Perhaps you can help. It's kinda like the whole "Help me find a book I read once based on a half-remembered description" thing, but for Simpsons quotes. Google doesn't have enough of a sense of context to sort through all the hits, and I don't know enough of what I'm looking for to make the haystack any smaller.

I'm looking for the time when Bart, Lisa, and Homer all tried to suggest whatever their problem was, fire would solve it, and Marge has to keep telling them "No fire!", but I can't even try to find the clip unless I can narrow it down. I've already responded to the comment in question with Dr. Hibbert's prescription for "Fire, and lots of it," so I don't have a pressing need to find it for the sake of replacing actual communication with YouTube clips, but it is going to bug me if I can't figure it out. Is this scene sounding familiar to anyone else? An episode? enough context to find a grainy, handheld camera recording of someone's TV in a Spanish-speaking country showing the episode? Anything?

If it helps, I know it's from the period "when the Simpsons was still good" though I couldn't tell you if that feeling is going with the more generous definition of "Season 10, give or take" or the conservative "Everything after Season 7 is a steadily accelerating decline towards mediocrity!"

As is customary on the O-deck, help will be rewarded with GIFs.

(Incidentally: "Simpsons fire" is one of the more useless things you could Google…)


Edit: The good doctor found it! Season 9, "Last Exit to Springfield". Now, for the GIF bounty as promised. Feel free to turn this into a Simpsons themed GIF party while I attempt to return to (gag) productivity…