Yep, 38 years ago to this day, Alien, uh, burst upon the public consciousness. And I was there, on May 25, 1979, at the tender age of seven, with my parents at the Promenade Theater in Richardson, TX to behold its newborn glory. I probably shouldn’t have been there, but I’ll never forget the experience. Mostly I was staring at the back of my chair. In fact, I was so affected by the movie that I made an effort to obtain every magazine, book, comic, and toy released that year about, or tangentially related to, Alien. Here are some of the prizes from my (mostly) still-extant haul:

Alan Dean Foster novelization, 1979. I must’ve read a dozen or so of his books before middle school.
The first graphic novel to hit the NYT Bestseller List. Recently republished by Titan Books.
Great Walt Simonson art.
Still one of the best “making of” books — much better than the stuff you see today (ugh, digital pre-viz). There are stills and production art here I’ve never seen anywhere else. Also back in print from Titan, with a less “disco” cover.


In the ‘70s, everything had a board game.
Too many magazines to list here. Fox did a pretty good job of keeping the Alien’s image out of the press, with coverage focusing primarily on the Nostromo interiors and miniature work.


If you can find this issue of the long-gone Fantastic Films, the Scott interview is essential. At one point he basically spoils the plot of Prometheus, 33 years early. Also: THE FINAL WORD ON DR. WHO!
Best action figure ever. I’m sure none of the kids who played with it were in any way traumatized.