Tell me NOT to buy the following:

Marble and Block Set (X2)

I might already have two, but the children and I MUST reach new levels of height and complexity. MUST.

TARDIS Bracelet Charm


The future in-laws got me a Pandora bracelet for Christmas. It would only be good manners to use it. Thus, I need charms.

Portal Turrets


Look at that Bumblebee one! These come blind boxed, therefore, I must purchase 4 of them at the better to price to improve my chances. It's science.

Wonder Woman Underwear


Do... do I really need to justify this one?

So I should get them all, right? Despite the fact that it WILL cost 30 bucks in shipping plus duty costs at the border?


Apropos of nothing, ThinkGeek is having a buy-one-get-one 50% off sale.