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Hello there citizen! I just finished Bioshock: Infinite and I know most people did a few weeks ago, but I NEED to discuss it. NEED. So I turn to you, my friends. Would you kindly discuss Bioshock: Infinite with me? Also, this post will be SO FULL OF SPOILERS. I'm serious, loads of spoilers!

Okay then! So, Booker was/is Comstock. That shocked the fuck out of me. I had my mouth hanging open in shock for the whole ending, I swear. After I was done giggling insanely that they were back in Rapture. That was fantastic. Just completely, fantastically done. Wow.


I didn't see the Booker/Comstock thing coming, either. I had tried to figure out what was going on, and my theory was much different. I had guessed early on that the Lutece twins were actually the same person from alternative realities, so I was thinking that maybe Booker and Elizabeth were the same person too. Apparently not...

I loved the game. It was atmospheric, incredibly creepy in places and really made me think. So I'm 100% pleased with the game. I may even buy the DLC season pass. I never buy DLC but I want to spend more time in that game.

My mind is still blown away by the ending, though. Booker is Elizabeth's (Anna's) father, and he's also Comstock, and his daughter drowns him/them. Wow. I just... wow. I have a feeling I will mull this over in my head for months to come.

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