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Highlights of James Gunn Q&A on Facebook Last Night

So last night at about 7PST James Gunn hosted on FaceBook a Q&A that was supposed to accompany him and fans simultaneously watching the movie together. It was pretty fun and both the questions and answers got pretty interesting. Of course, he wouldn't divulge who Star Lord's father is, other than it's not J'Son (who he says has a stupid name) and that it's not Howard the Duck (thank Groot).

Warning: Possible small spoilers for GotG 2, but nothing I would worry about as he doesn't give much away other than who likely will/won't be in it.

I just thought I'd share some more highlights for those interested. Starting with the scene from the trailer that got so many people interested, and many more to mock it by doing their own versions:

I love when groups walk down the hall in slow motion. It always works. But I liked undercutting it with Zoe yawning, Rocket grabbing his crotch, and Quill wiping his nose. They're very human heroes. Even the alien ones.


He was even joined by his brother, Sean Gunn, and Michael Rooker among others, who provided some comedic relief as well throughout the screening. When asked who their favorite characters were: (outside GotG)

Michael Rooker: "Silver Surfer and the Hulk"

James Gunn: "I like Moon Knight"

Sean Gunn: "Which one gets to sit around drinking wine and watching reality TV all the time? I pick that guy"

I like Sean Gunn's answer.

Here's Michael Rooker being asked if he did his own whistling, and why whistling instead of just being a badass archer:

Michael Rooker: "Shit yea, I did my own whistling!"

Michael Rooker: "All James fault, I'm just the actor. :)"

When asked why Guardians, Gunn replied "I've always loved Marvel Comics, space operas and raccoons. I seemed to have been created in a lab to make Guardians. It was a dream come true". Then asked which Marvel character outside the Guardians he would like to bring to the big screen, he replied "Thunderbolts". ARE YOU LISTENING MARVEL?


If you were wondering what that liquid was that Ronan came out of during his introduction...


That is the blood of his enemies. Seriously, he is bathing in the blood of his enemies, or more specifically it's the same blood we see coming out of the Nova Corpsmen. If you were wondering if we would see this mad-man who bathes in blood while sleeping again, the answer is possibly, but not in GoTG 2.

He also expanded on the dynamic between Nebula and her least hated sister, Gamora.


When asked about what Nebula was thinking when she shot down Gamora and left her to die in space Gunn stated she was "definitely sad that she just killed her sister." When fans asked him to elaborate (or assumed he was joking) he said "You can see it in her face. She's a messed up girl, that Nebula. Not totally sociopathic like Ronin. Sadistic? YES!" If you were wondering about Nebula's fate, worry not:

Sometimes people are confused what happens to Nebula. She looks down for something to fall on, allows herself to fall on a Ravager craft, and takes out the Goth Ravager inside and flies away, leaving everyone to deal with this shit themselves, because she's stopped caring. She will be back.


He also went on to explain there was also a bit of improv that gave light to some of the fan-favorite moments:

'That was my favorite knife' was not in the script. It was a line I thought of on set and walked over to Alexis and told him to say it.

There's no improv in this scene (12% of a plan scene) - other than Rocket saying 'this is the most real authentic laugh of my entire life" which i thought of when I was in the recording room with Bradley and 'Bunch of jackasses standing in a circle" which my brother Sean said on set. One of my favorite moments on set


And the famous Pollock reference:

The Jackson Pollock line was something I said on set and asked Chris to say. We only filmed it one time. people thought we were wasting time on set, because nothing that dirty would ever make it into the film


Apparently Gunn was surprised at what Disney let him get away with in this movie, expecting writing like the reference to Jackson Pollock paintings to be forcibly written out. (Like the original Stan Lee cameo was, that included Lee flipping off the camera.) But that wasn't the only controversial one.

Poor Drax. I always laughed when Rocket said 'Oh boo hoo hoo my wife and child are dead.' Test audiences however, did not. But they did laugh when Groot was aghast at Rocket's behavior

"I know some of you don't like Drax calling Gamora a whore. He heard people say that to her in the Kyln. Don't blame Drax, blame me"


You know what wasn't improv though?

PELVIC SORCERY was in the first draft. It was the line the Marvel guys repeated to me the most the weekend after they read it.


And now for the important stuff: GROOT. When asked how Rocket managed to got the one stick from the Groot splinters that eventually became sentient, or why the others didn't become sentient as well, Gunn replied, "I think he's like Sandman in the comics - he only exists in one part. Rocket is drawn to it due to their connection"

When asked if they would describe Groot as clueless or innocent the way he seemed in the movie, or more advanced like we see in the comics:

Sean Gunn: Innocent—sort of. Clueless—no. Extremely intelligent—sure, in his own way. Advanced—certainly yes from a metaphysical standpoint.

James Gunn: He's definitely not advanced in the same way he is in the comics.

If you were wondering if that sentient splinter is actually Groot:


But if you're wondering where Groot (or Groot Jr.) got his sick moves, it was Gunn himself:

As people know, that is me doing the baby Groot dance. I was alone in a room with a camera. I never watched the footage after I recorded it, just sent it to the VFX folks at MPC and told them to make him dance just like this. My friends who saw an early screening recognized my dance style without knowing it was me!


As many of us know James Gunn's brother Sean Gunn was the guy in the suit that eventually became the GCI Rocket. Most of the facial expressions we see on Rocket is really him. Thankfully, we will see him again in the sequel.


If you want to waste the rest of your afternoon/evening/morning reading the full thread you can still find it on James Gunn's Facebook page.

Beware, there is a TON, James Gunn answered about 1,000 questions I think, including what was the most amount of hot dogs he ate at one time.

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