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Histamine Intolerance?

Anybody here have an experience with histamine intolerance? Apparently it is is recognized in parts of Europe, but most of what I can find about it online comes from alternative health sites and I don’t know how much faith to put in it.

Histamine is produced in the body as part of an immune response, and in people with allergies, their bodies confuse proteins from food or environmental agents with pathogens and attack by mistake, producing histamine. That is why allergies are treated with antihistamine medication.

What I am reading says that foods can also contain histamine, especially food that has been fermented or aged, and we have an enzyme in our guts that breaks it down called diamine oxidase. People who are histamine intolerant have low levels of this enzyme, and so exhibit symptoms of allergies, but when they go in for allergy testing will come up negative.


Lately it seems my allergies have been going haywire. I think I recently developed an allergy to oranges: I got a rash in response to orange oil in laundy detergent, had an oral reaction to both eating oranges and broke out in hives after drinking a tea flavoured with oranges. Given the skin reaction I am reasonably certain that it is a classic allergy, not histamine intolerance. Yesterday, I discovered that bergamot oil in Earl Grey tea comes from a type of orange, after my skin went nuts after drinking some (after having a pretty itch free day) and I googled it.

Anyways, later in the day when the reaction to the Earl Grey seemed to be dying down, I had a glass of cider, and boom, I was having another major reaction. Itchy throat, eczema flaring, hives forming.

This morning I googled cider and allergy and came across claims that cider has a high level of histamine. So either I might have this condition, or my system was already overwhelmed by the histamine produced as a result of the Earl Grey tea, and adding a big dose of dietary histamine was like pouring gas on the fire, maybe?

I have also read you can buy diamine oxidase to take before you eat to prevent a reaction. Anybody know if this is worth trying? My entire lower abdomen to my belly button is covered in eczema, and I keep waking up in the middle of the night to scratch.


People do also go on low histamine diets, but the sheer volume of foods on the lists I am seeing is staggering.

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