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History Of My Pokémon Teams

After writing my controversial fiction opinions thread, I kept thinking back to memories playing the old Pokémon games as a kid and the teams that would help me through them. I would always keep small teams until the end so as such, made a connection with all my Pokémon. Unfortunately, all my old cartridges except for Yellow & Red no longer work.

As such, here is a little tribute to my favourite teams as a kid please and feel free to add your own or respond on how doing a tribute is amazingly sad in the comments.


Pokémon Red: My First Team

My first team from all the way back from 1998. When we first got the games, I got Red while my brother got Blue.

As you could probably tell, my starter was Charmander, who was my heavy hitter along with Nidoking, the second Pokémon I caught. Beedrill, as a Weedle was caught in Viridian Forest and Goldbat, as a Zubat was caught in Mount Moon. Sandslash was caught near Cerulean City and I got Starmie as a trade with my brother because he wanted all three Eeveelutions.


This was a purely all out offensive team that would always get screwed by Psychic Pokémon. But it was the team that was able to defeat the Elite 4, Mewtwo and my brother.

Pokémon Blue: My Brother's Team


Though not my team, I also have fond memories of my brother's team as well. Though there would by some swapping out of Gengar with Mewtwo, Missingno, Fearow and Onyx, the six you see are his regular team and the team he would bring to a local tournament, which he lost in the first round.

The problem was that he would focus solely on his Venusaur so when he fainted, the rest of his team would fall quickly soon after.


Pokémon Yellow: Anime Team


As you can tell, my Yellow team is Ash's team from the anime and If you've seen the anime or played Yellow then you know where they came from.

I remember this being an annoying as hell team because Bulbasaur, Pidgeotto and Squirtle kept trying to evolve every time they leveled up. Butterfree however, would be the king and powerhouse of this team.


Pokémon Crystal/Soul Silver: My Favourite Team


Crystal and the replicated version of them in Soul Silver are my favourite team I ever had. I don't care how unbalanced they were or they weren't the best EV trained or any of that junk. These guys rocked!

My brother got both Gold and Silver and refused to let me play them so I had to wait a year for Crystal to get to play the Generation two games.


My starter was Chikorita with Beedrill coming soon after in the second woods and Onyx from an in-game trade for a Bellsprout. I would get Togepi from the Mystery Egg from Professor Elm, Eevee from Bill and Lapras from the in-game event. Last there was Bellossom who was the star of this team and my favourite Pokémon, beating the Elite 4 and 5 of the Kanto gyms nearly single handed. As such, nearly every other Pokémon game I've played has had a Bellossom on my team, the Exception being the Gen 3 games because I had no way of getting a Sun Stone.

Pokémon Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald: Team Okay


Generation Three would be the last game I would play heavily until Soul Silver. I've also played Fire Red, Leaf Green, Pearl and White but I never had the same fun I had with the older ones, nor were the teams anywhere near as memorable.

Treecko was my starter, but I got a Torchic from the single time I was able to get a link trade. Zubat and Aron were both found in Granite Cave while Tropius was caught in the jungle. Lastly, there was Kyogre, the power house of this team and was caught in the in-game event.


Slightly Off-Topic

I'm going to get a 2ds and a new Pokémon game at the end of the month. For those who have them, which is the best 6th gen game and has the least of those stupid events that you can only get on special days or at conventions that annoyed so much about Pearl and White? Also, have they fixed the anti left-handed problem?

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