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Hola, compadres. Many of you know me already as a frequent poster on the Observation Deck here at io9. Today I'm taking part in Drillpress' series of Odeck AMAs to talk about Neopagan religion - a broad subject including everything from Wicca to Kemeticism to Vodou to non-denominational witchcraft. I happen to be the last AMA scheduled which wasn't the plan but I hope to make it a worthwhile and informative finish.

So what are my qualifications? Well, for one I was (sort of) raised Pagan. My mother, formerly a Methodist pastor in training, converted to Paganism shortly before I was born and has been an active member of the global community ever since, primarily through her and my father's shared magazine business. While my parents didn't force their beliefs on to me, I did grow up in an environment filled with Pagan ritual and lore, even attending a few ceremonies. I came to my own spiritual path within Paganism at a later age but by the time I entered high school I was pretty familiar with Pagan culture.


Additionally, I have an interest in religion generally and its history and am well-versed in the mythologies of several cultures, including Greece, Scandinavia, Celtic Britain, the ancient Middle East, India, and Japan. This, along with my familiarity with social media, has helped land me a job as the online media coordinator and community manager for my parents' business, a position I picked up earlier this year when I graduated from college.

I will do my best to answer any questions that I can. My knowledge is not perfect, but it is wide and thorough, and as long as the question is related to Paganism, mysticism, the occult, or polytheism and is not overtly hostile I have no problem answering it. This AMA will be open until the end of the day (12:00 AM on Saturday, August 16, Pacific Time), though I will be working for part of that period so it may take me awhile to answer. I will try to answer every question submitted however, so try not to worry if I do not immediately answer.

EDIT: Well, it's midnight now so I'll close the thread. Thank you everyone for your great questions! I really enjoyed this. Hopefully, Drillpress will put something like these AMAs on again at some later date; it was really fun taking part both as some asking the questions and someone answering them.

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