Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Hi, I'm bangishotyou. Just thought I'd introduce myself. I am a tinkerer and general geek. And King Procrastinator! I just made a "Christmas tree" here at work to put up in the front so people can see it when they enter the office. Only took me 2 hours. Did I mention I am also known as King Procrastinator?

Illustration for article titled Hola! Look at my Christmas Tree!

(If the picture isn't showing up because Kinja is being the devil like usual then you can view it here.)

That shared, I'll post up some amusing or cool stuff as I think of it or come across it online.

On a related note, maybe it's just me, but the first time I heard someone say "O-deck" I thought to myself, "Why would anyone post about their orgasms? What the heck are they gonna write about their orgasms?" Etc etc etc along those lines. Then I saw someone write "Observation Deck" and I thought to myself, "Oh, a gym." Just like Homer Simpson. I might be slightly retarded, or very if you ask some of my friends. : )

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